Hi! I am John Souza

This is my photography brand J. S. Wolf Photography. I am a photographer based out of Rhode Island but I travel around the world to find different locations. I went to college in Florida at St. Leo University where I received my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Once I graduated I joined the Marine Corps where I served for 5 years. Subsequently, I went to law school at Roger Williams University School of Law where I obtained my law degree and became a Massachusetts bar certified attorney. I currently live in Western Rhode Island.

My interest in photography began when I was in college. This is when I got my first camera that I consider pretty good, a Canon S5IS. After about a year of messing around with regular photos I found an interest in HDR (High Dynamic Range) while looking at Trey Ratcliff’s website www.stuckincustoms.com. I immediately fell in love with the technique he used and knew I had to figure it out. That was when I really dove into photography and started discovering all other aspects of the art. I wanted to learn everything, whether it was portraits, landscapes, or architecture. I didn’t care. It was all photography to me.

I primarily shoot with a Nikon D810 but sometimes you can still see me with my D7000. A more professional camera has further helped me to progress with my skill set because of the possibilities that have opened up with higher ISO capabilities.

It’s the beauty within us that makes it possible for us to recognize the beauty around us. The question is not what you look at but what you see.

Henry David Thoreau

I’m not doing this for my full time gig, but more as a passion project so if you like any of my photos don’t hesitate to leave me some feedback. I read my emails regularly as well so send me one if you have any questions. If you want any of my photos they can all be purchased on my website.

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