waterplace park

Somewhat recently, I moved to Rhode Island and I have been traveling to local spots for various shots. This shot of Waterplace Park was one of those occasions. I visited this area fairly often since the Providence Place Mall is here and so are the WaterFires. You can see one of my other shots from a beautiful library in Providence here.

I wanted to do this shot of Waterplace Park for some time but kept missing my opportunity. I either forgot about it or just remembered it at the wrong times. Specifically, I wanted the trees to be full and the sky to be cloudy. That way I could get the blue colors of twilight. However, I often remembered this shot in the winter when all the leaves were gone. Fortunately, I remember it two weeks ago with good timing and ventured out.

Twilight typically happens twenty to thirty minutes before the sun rises or after the sun sets. During this time, the sky turns this real nice bluish hue that is accentuated by any cloud coverage. That is why, personally, my favorite twilight photos are during cloudy nights. Sometimes, waiting even longer will produce a moodier look like my shot here.

Anyway, I hope you like that results!

waterplace park

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