Water Villas

These are the water villas at the resort in Maldives that my wife and I were fortunate enough to stay in during our honeymoon. You can view a similar shot from a different angle and different night here. Surprisingly, although neither of us are beach people, this was our favorite vacation thus far. Maybe it was because it was our honeymoon but I really think it was the whole experience. We both found Maldives to be beautiful and extremely relaxing. This was partly because we had the island to ourselves and a few other people. That was perhaps the biggest benefit of going during off-season and during COVID-19.

The rooms were more expensive than we would have ever payed but we splurged for our honeymoon. Both of us found it well worth the money because the water villas really made the experience. The picture above is the walkway that circles around to all the water villas on the island. During the day, the water was crystal clear, and at night the sky was surprisingly similar. As a result, I took a bunch of pictures every chance I could get. This is one of the clearer night skies we had and I ventured out late when everyone was asleep. Hope you like the results!

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