Trevi Fountain

I took this shot of the Trevi Fountain back in 2018 and finally got around to posting it. You can see another post from the same trip here that I took at Lakes Braies. Typically, this tourist destination is crowded with people and is very difficult to shoot. Rather than fight the crowds, I woke up super early one morning. Turns out tourists don’t like to wake up an 4:00 a.m. to see the fountain so I had the place to myself for a bit. Generally, I prefer shooting at sunset but this place is still packed at that time so it wouldn’t have worked. Fortunately, I was able to scout the area and snag a few good shots before people started flooding in.

Despite the numerous pictures you may have already seen of Trevi Fountain, it really is quite the wonder in person. The fountain is also right next to the Pantheon, which I actually shot just before coming to this spot, pictured here. Rome has always been one of my favorite spots in Italy because of all the culture and things to see. Whenever I traveled through the city it felt like every turn had something else I could photograph.

I stitched the shot together with a couple of exposures and images and in case you couldn’t tell, full disclosure, I edited the sky. Hope you like the results either way. Let me know what you think.

Trevi Fountain

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