Teatro di San Carlo

This is from a recent visit to Naples at the Teatro di San Carlo. To be honest, Naples was probably our least favorite place to visit during our Italy trip. There wasn’t much to see, people weren’t friendly, and everything kind of smelled. Nonetheless, there was this pretty nice theater. Despite the rest of the city, the staff in the theater were nice enough to let me take photos. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity. The only issue was that I couldn’t use a tripod. I have dealt with this before though and I was prepared this time. I set my ISO fairly high (2000) and I took a bunch of handheld photos. In post-processing I auto-aligned the photos and merged them to a smart object. From there, I got the median of the photos and this greatly reduced the noise. This is a great technique to use if you have to go handheld for a photo.

The hardest part was probably making sure everything was straight. I had to use a variation between warp and puppet transform to get there, but I did. Also, I find that if I darken the edges of a photo and lighten the center, it really draws the eyes in. Hope you like the results!

Teatro di San Carlo
Teatro di San Carlo
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