sunset shoreline

I caught this awesome sunset at Beavertail State Park the other day. Hopefully the photo does it some justice. I decided to go out this past Saturday after I checked SunsetWx. Generally, I am somewhat skeptical with relying on SunsetWx to determine sunset quality because its not infallible. However, when it’s a close enough location, I’ll trust the site without a second thought. And on this day particularly, it worked out great.

The full size version of this photo is fairly large because it is a panorama that I stitched using three photos. Recently, I learned that I am able to more easily stitch photos together using a simple trick. Basically, you just need to take the camera off auto white balance and select something light cloudy white balance. In doing so, the camera then takes all the images with the same white balance. Now, I realize that you can edit the white balance with RAW images in post-processing. However, this technique still works wonders. In addition, cloudy white balance generally does a pretty good job of getting the correct white balance for a majority of sunsets.

Anyway, hope you like the results! Also, I have several other photos from this location that you can check out using this link.

sunset shoreline

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