second beach

I took this shot this past weekend at Second Beach in Newport, Rhode Island. You can see a previous shot I took in the area here. Prior to visiting this location, I already knew what I wanted to shoot. I wanted to include these sand dunes and wooden slats in the photo in some way. However, it has been a couple of years since I visited Second Beach, and there are several entrances with similar setups. I ended up going to each entrance to see which setup I liked the best. Ultimately, decided this one was the most interesting.

Specifically, I liked how the wooden slats slanted outward. This created a nice focal point that drew my eyes toward the ocean. Also, I wanted to try a new perspective with the slats as the foreground subject. Of course, all my planning really only mattered if I caught a good sunset. Fortunately, although the sunset itself wasn’t amazing, the colors before it was. I caught the exact type of sky I was hoping for.

This is one of my new favorite local spots because right near here is also a great wildlife refuge you can go for a coastal hike around. I definitely suggest visiting if you are ever in the area.

As far as editing, I didn’t need to do much to this photo because of the time I spent setting it up. I did almost all of my editing in Lightroom and did a couple of minor edits in Photoshop. Hope you like the results!

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