Salvation Mountain

I took a fairly lengthy road trip with my sister this past week because she came and visited me in California. Salvation Mountain was one of the stops among many others. We went everywhere from Southern California to as far North as Sacramento. I have loads of pictures that I took that I still have to go through so you can expect there to be some new posts coming up with photos from the trip.

This was my first time visiting Salvation Mountain. To get here you have to drive pretty far into the desert to the West of Southern California. I could probably count the number of homes in some of the cities that we passed; it was quite the sight. Once we got to the site it was just as cool as I was hoping. Something I found out was that portions of this mountain are man-made out of hay and whatever other bonding agent…probably mud. It was also a little bigger than I expected because it wasn’t only the mountain that was there, but there was also little rooms and alleyways we could walk through, not to mention a bunch of cool stray cats. Usually I try to avoid direct sunlight, but for this picture I think it suited it. I like the way the glare of the sun came out too. I think it gives it the desolate desert feel I was going for. I used luminosity masks and the usual 3 exposure bracketing method to create this image. The whole thing was edited in Photoshop CS6. Hope you like the results!

Salvation Mountain

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