Rhode Island Lighthouse

This is a shot of Castle Hill Lighthouse located in Newport, Rhode Island that I took this past winter. The last time I visited this area of Rhode Island was around July 2017. I know this because that is when I shot this previous post. This lighthouse is a fairly short drive for me and I decided to venture out this past winter to catch a nice sunset. Some things have changed on the surrounding property since then, but it seems the lighthouse is still accessible. Specifically, they have posted some private property signs around the perimeter of the area. Fortunately, I was still able to visit without any issues and park at a lot across the street. The lighthouse is apparently owned by this company, that has an inn you can stay at for a hefty fee.

Overall, if you are making a trip to visit Newport and the surrounding area, then this lighthouse is definitely worth checking out. It’s a short drive and easily accessible with a short walk through the woods. Another Rhode Island lighthouse with better views in my opinion is the Beavertail Lighthouse in Jamestown. This lighthouse has a much larger area to walk around and it is open all year round to visitors, with no private property signs.

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