railway bridge

This railway bridge is located in Hart’s Location, New Hampshire. The bridge is right near the Fourth Iron Campground parking lot in the White Mountains. I took this shot last fall, when I was hunting down several other locations. If you have never been, the White Mountains is an awesome place to check out the changing leaves. You can check out one of my other shots during the same trip here.

Generally, I take a trip up to New Hampshire at least once a year. Mostly I visit for snowboarding, but it was nice to go sightseeing for a change. My wife and I wanted to take a trip up there for fall this year but decided to stay local instead. We wanted to ride on the Crawford Notch Scenic Train ride during peak fall colors, but we were too late. Unfortunately, by the time we tried to book our tickets, they were all sold out. Turns out we needed to buy tickets way sooner.

Instead, we are going to venture out to Martha’s Vineyard since my wife has never been. There are a few spots in the Cape and the Vineyard that I plan to take some photos at so expect more posts! Anyway, hope you like the result!

railway bridge

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