Providence Athenaeum

Here is a cool before and after photograph that I took of the Providence Athenaeum in Rhode Island. WordPress just recently added this feature of making before and after shots easy to show so, naturally, I gave it a try.

Since I recently moved to Rhode Island, I have been scouting for new locations to visit for photography. After a bit of Google searching, I came across this gem. This library is over one hundred years old and a really beautiful place. It is located in the outskirts of downtown Providence on Benefit Street.

This spot is fairly easy to find because it is a big stone building with a beautiful gated entrance. And while the nearby houses are also fairly old, the Providence Athenaeum sticks out. I should note, that the inside is much smaller than it appears in pictures. At least that is what I found. Regardless, there are stairwells to access the second floor and the basement portion of the library that make for great photos.

I did run into one issue though. The day that I visited, it was fairly busy so I didn’t want to set up my tripod. Instead, I took all of my photos handheld. In turn, most of my photos were fairly noisy regardless of different methods I tried to fix it. However, I just recently bought Topaz DeNoise AI and man does this program work amazing. It almost completely removes the noise whilst retaining most of the detail.

Anyway, so far, I have several go to spots for photography in Rhode Island, such as Castle Hill. I am hoping to find more. Hope you like the results.

Providence Athenaeum

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