Pololu Black Sand Beach

Recently, I traveled to the Big Island of Hawaii for a vacation. I planned the vacation out before I left and tried to visit every attraction on the island. The spot pictured here, Pololu Black Sand Beach, is one of the locations. This beach is on the northern side of the island and you have to hike about a mile down Pololu Valley to get here. Initially, I intended to take a sunset photo here, but after researching it I found that the sun set on the opposite side and rose on this side. Therefore, a sunrise photo attempt was my best option. Unfortunately, it took an hour and a half to drive to this beach from my hotel. That meant that I had to wake up at about 3:00am to drive up, hike down, find a spot, and setup. The early morning wake up proved well worth the effort when I caught this gorgeous sunrise. Hope you like the result!

Pololu Black Sand Beach
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