Visiting San Diego Zoo:

One of the first things you see when you walk into the San Diego Park Zoo is the pink color of the flamingo’s feathers in the nearest exhibit. I always come over here first hoping to get some good shots and because I think these birds are beautiful to look at. On this occasion they were pretty close to the fence that was housing them so I wanted to try and get some up close shots. The lens I had with me only had a maximum zoom of 105mm so I couldn’t really get as close as I had wanted. I took a bunch of pictures anyway since there were a portion of the flamingos that were in a shaded area with good light on them. The light really made their pink color pop. 

This one in particular was the closest to me so I focused most of my pictures on it. I caught this moment when the flamingo was biting at its’ skin or something underneath its’ feathers for a short time. I liked how it came out because it looks like the flamingo was just lying its’ head in its’ feathers. The original of this photo is almost unrecognizable because of how far out it actually was and all the distraction that cluttered around the flamingo. I remedied this by cropping in really close and focusing my attention on where I wanted viewers to look.

Keeping the quality of the image was my biggest focus considering how close I was getting. As far as adjustments to the image itself, all I did were some simple curves and levels adjustments. I wanted to keep it as minimal as possible so I didn’t get unwanted noise.


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