Old McDonald

This is the oldest operating Mcdonald’s┬áin the world! How cool is that? I stumbled upon this little gem when I was looking for cool new places to go take photos. Someone had mentioned this place so I decided to look into it. Fortunately enough, I had been traveling up to Los Angeles that night anyway so I figured why not make a little stop along the way. This Mcdonald’s is so old but still so charming looking. They still have the original building that has a diner feel to it because of the metallic counter-tops where you order your food. The menu is pretty much the same as all the others but there is a little museum to check out some of the original Mcdonald’s stuff from back in the day when it first opened in 1953. Now, I’m not much of a fast food fan but I couldn’t pass up getting food here just to say I did.

I was a little worried that this place was going to be more busy than it was but turns out there wasn’t too many people. There was a crowd every so often that would build up but I just waited long enough to get a shot with no one there. People probably thought it was weird that I was taking a picture of a Mcdonald’s but I didn’t care. I shot this photo right before dusk turned into night so I could get some of the clouds in the picture. I had my Nikon D7000 mounted on a tripod and a remote shutter for the low light situation. I bracketed the photos and layered them in Photoshop. I then used luminosity masks in order to pull some of the darker detail from where other photos lights were blown out. After all that was done, I applied a slight cross-processing effect and removed some distractions from the photo. Hope you life the results!

Old McDonald

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