This is an old photo I took in Oceanside when I still lived in California. This is the Northern most city that is still considered San Diego county. Although Oceanside wasn’t my favorite spot in California, the pier was way less crowded than most others. You can see another old photo I recently re-did of California here. Initially, when I first shot this photo I didn’t want to use it. I didn’t see the potential in it until I recently looked at it years later.

Most of the editing I did on this photo was in Lightroom. The biggest edit that I do now is color editing. In the past, I mostly focused on lighting and dodge/burn edits and spent little to no time on color. However, now I realize the benefit that gradient maps and matching colors can really make. For example, in this photo, I tried to keep the color warm and dulled down some of the brighter colors that clashed.

Once I finished in Lightroom and brought the photo to Photoshop, there was barely anything I had to do. I merely added a slight vignette and sharpened the image in select areas. Hope you like the results!

Oceanside Before

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