I took this shot of the ocean at Beavertail Lighthouse in Jamestown, Rhode Island. You can check out another picture I took at the same location during a different time of day here. Interestingly enough, the sunset was behind me when I took this photo. I was fully expecting to like my photos of the sunset much more but, after editing some of them, I realized this photo had much more vibrant colors.

On this day, the colors didn’t really “pop” during sunset. It wasn’t until about ten to twenty minutes after sunset that all the colors came out. While I admit that the sunset was nice, I hoped for better. During a long exposure shot, I looked around my spot and noticed this scene directly behind me. I was so focused on catching the prime time colors of the sunset that I almost missed this gorgeous showcase of color over the ocean. I quickly snapped a couple of pictures before I turned back around and thought nothing of it at first. I didn’t realize how nice the colors came out until I brought up the photo in Lightroom. Overall, I tried to keep this picture as natural as possible because the sky really was this nice looking. Hope you like the results.


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