New York

It’s surprising that I have generally lived very close to New York and still hadn’t visited the city. That’s why I made a conscious effort to take some time out of my trip to afford myself the opportunity. I knew that it was going to be rough to drive around the city, especially since I had to go to the direct city center. I had always figured that it would be challenging but when I actually arrived there, I found that the roads were not in the best shape. The streets were all kinds of torn apart and in definite need of construction. I had to go across the Brooklyn Bridge in order to get to the city center and it was a little crazy. I’m sure that if I were to have been inside a car rather than a motorcycle it wouldn’t have been as bad, but the roads were so torn up that it was messing with my tires. Fortunately I came out okay, but needless to say, I would be doing that again anytime soon.

This is a 5 exposure shot that I put together in Photoshop CS6. I had seen this area in various publication and didn’t have too much trouble finding it. It was off one of the piers. My D810 was great to have in this instance because it kept the detail and handled the noise very well. That is always an issue for night shots, and my camera was fortunately a beast. Hope you like the results.

New York

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