Natural History Museum

Pictured here is the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C. Despite how simple this photo appears, it took me a inordinate amount of time to complete. Surprisingly, I spent the majority of my time stitching multiple photos together in Photoshop and correcting the camera distortion. Unfortunately, Photoshop stitches photos with numerous problems and requires intervention to correct. This photograph consists of four separate photos stitched together. I stitched each photograph manually because Photoshop was not complying. Additionally, after I stitched the photos, I transformed and warped the combined photo so the distortion did not ruin it. Lastly, I used the rulers and guides on Photoshop to straighten the finished image and correct the architecture. Once I completed the above-mentioned work, I applied a gradient map to the picture and applied basic Photoshop adjustments.

Overall, I put in a lot of work to complete this image of the Natural History Museum. Here is another photo that I did similar architecture adjustments on. Also, this is my first time leaving people in the photograph purposefully. I tried using the tourists to represent the fast paced movement of everyone and to keep the focus on the museum. Hope you like the results!

Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum

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