Moraine Lake

This is Moraine Lake located in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. I took this shot during a very early morning on our Canada vacation. We needed to get up early because the parking lots are fairly small for both Moraine Lake and Lake Louise and they fill up very fast. So fast, that they are often filled right around sunrise. Also, from our hotel, it took about an hour and a half to reach Moraine Lake. So all that, coupled with my love of being extremely early, meant we left our hotel around 2:30am. Despite how miserable it initially seemed, it was worth it in the end. First, because we made it to the parking lot on time to find a spot so I could snag this picture at sunrise. And second because it was still so dark out that we caught a glimpse of aurora borealis.

Initially, when I brought this picture into Lightroom, I intended to have minimal edits because the landscape was so stunning on its own. However, I decided to take some creative liberties and add details I thought brought out the picture I envisioned. See if you can figure out what they were. Hope you like the results!

You can check out another shot from this trip on a different early morning of Lake Louise here.

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