Modern Library

The modern library pictured here is Phillips Exeter Academy Library located in Exeter, New Hampshire. Louis Kahn built this library and finished it in 1972. I actually sought this library out after visiting and photographing one of Louis Kahn’s other buildings in California, the Salk Institute, which I posted here. I fell in love with his architecture due to its minimal and modern feel and overall symmetry. Granted, this type of modern architecture isn’t for everyone, but I find it fascinating and great for photos.

Surprisingly, I actually had to wait a little over a year to visit this library because of COVID-19. For some time, the school closed the library to the public and only allowed students and faculty entry. Eventually, the school loosened up their restrictions, and started to allow public self-guided tours. I scheduled one of these tours over the students spring break and ventured out for a visit for the day. This trip couldn’t have worked out better because my wife and I essentially had the library to ourselves. Since we had to request entry, there was really only the front desk associate and one other person the whole time. Funny enough, this was a similar scenario to my visit to Louis Kahn’s other building.

Anyway, I took this shot from the second floor of the library because I wanted to really show of the overall symmetry. Hope you like the results!

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