I just recently traveled to Italy and Milan was the first leg of the trip. We only had time to visit a couple of places in Milan but I made it a point to visit the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. I had seen this place  in photos but it was even more impressive in person. The giant glass windows that covered the top of the structure were incredible. These windows were unlike anything I had ever seen in the United States. Overall, it was the scale of the building that impressed me the most. I kept some people in the shot to give a better perspective on just have massive this place was.

One thing about Italy is the amount of detail in all of the buildings. The closer you look at everything, the more you notice. This place was no exception. Unfortunately, I forgot my tripod mount at home, so throughout the trip, I had a tripod that was useless. In turn, I had to take this photo handheld. Fortunately, auto-align is a pretty handy tool on Photoshop. Hope you like the results!

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