Maldives Swing

This shot is from a resort in the Maldives where my wife and I spent out honeymoon. Throughout the week we were there, I tried several different spots for photos. I took this particular shot of this swing at sunrise. Now, I don’t typically like shooting sunrise, but when it leads to better photos I will. In this case, where the sun set on the island wasn’t ideal for too many pictures. The sun set right near the huts on the water where we stayed. Although this was helpful for some shots, I wanted others of the rest of the island. Thus, sunrise was my friend on this trip. Here is a shot of sunrise on another day on my website here. Another thing helpful about shooting at sunrise was there were way less people in the swing area. In fact, there was practically no one out at the hour except me and some of the island staff.

While there were no people, there was wind. This made it tricky to get the swing to sit still in the photo. Fortunately, with the tripod, I could take as many photos as I needed until I got it where I wanted it. Here is the result. Hope you like it!

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