Looking Back

Here is another photo from the set of pictures that we took on the little shoot that I had with Geena. This was towards the end of the shoot when the sun was getting really low and was right over the cliff at Pines Park, in Dana Point, California. I had her pose for this shot, facing the sun, and caught her looking back without telling her to try this pose. When I saw her do it, I ended up loving how it looked so I quickly snapped away a bunch of pictures to try and get some good ones. The sun was perfect because it was only harsh on the areas of her body that I didn’t mind. Her face came out exposed great and the sun even provided a nice glare in the background.

I shot this with with my Nikon D810 and a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4. As far as editing goes I did a little color correction, levels and curves, and used Nik Color Efex Pro in order to mess with some cross processing filters and what not. Hope you like the results!

Looking Back

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