Lake Louise

I took this shot of Lake Louise during a recent visit to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. My wife and I vacationed with my sister and her husband for the first week and had the second week to ourselves. During the second week, we revisited some of the spots that we wanted to spend more time at, like Lake Louise. However, because we were in Banff during tourist season, the parking lots filled up fast. Unless you showed up early enough, as in before 5:30am. Our hotel was about an hour and a half away and I can be a little crazy when it comes to photography, so we ended up waking at 3:00am to get here in time. My wife was less than amused by this but fortunately she entertained my obsession. To my surprise, we weren’t the only ones there that early. Still, I was able to snag a few good shots of the sunrise before too many people showed up. I was lucky enough to be here for when the water was still enough to produce this reflection too. I hope you like the results!

This spot reminded me of our trip to Lake Braies in Northern Italy because of the similar landscape. You can check out a photo of that spot here.

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