Japanese Hut

While on deployment in Okinawa, Japan back in 2012 I did some sightseeing. One of the most memorable places that I visited was here at the Shuri Castle area located in Naha. The little Japanese hut that is pictured here wasn’t actually the main attraction at this area, rather it was the actual castle that is featured in another photo on my website. There was so many awesome places to explore and photograph at this location that I actually have several photographs on my site. This was located a little past the Shuri Castle grounds on an almost hidden trail. I had scene this spot on one of the brochures and had kept my eye out for it the whole time we were visiting here but couldn’t find it. It wasn’t until the end when we were leaving that I had decided to try and venture off to find it. It had rained on and off non-stop all day and at the time of this shot it was just starting to clear up. I figured the sun would be coming out pretty soon and the group I was with was getting a little restless so I tried to work fast. I didn’t have a wide angle lens at the time and really wanted to get the whole scene in one picture so I decided to stitch together a panorama of sorts. I should probably mention that this is also an HDR image. I shot a total of 6 shots; 3 exposures for one side and 3 exposures for the other side. When I edited the photos on my computer I had to make sure a lot of the exif info was the same that way the stitch would be seamless. I did the same adjustments for each HDR for the same reasons. Once I created the HDR images I masked through them to fix problem areas then finished by stitching them together.

Japanese Hut

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