I figured a little photo shoot was in order with our newest addition to the pet family. We rescued this guy from a nearby adoption center. He appropriately came with the name Hobbes, after the Calvin and Hobbes comic. The name suited him and this was my favorite comic as a kid so we kept it. I rarely ever take photos of animals so it is always a learning experience. Cats are definitely my favorite animal to photograph so far for the simple reason that they don’t move much. This is totally different from when I tried to photography my sisters golden retriever because he would not stop moving. I took this with a Rokinon 85mm f/1.4. This is one of the best lenses for portraits, and usually they are really expensive. I found this one for cheap but the only drawback is that it is manual focus. That is a small drawback for saving a lot of money and being able to get this lens. This is a one shot image taken handheld with a on camera flash that I bounced off the wall behind me. Hope you like the results.


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