The great thing about photography is that you are able to capture moments and hold them there forever. For instance in this photo I captured happiness. This couple had just gotten married that day and we were doing some post wedding pictures over at the Urban Lights at LACMA in Los Angeles. You can see on their faces just how happy they felt at that time. Photography is one of those things where you can look at a picture and immerse yourself back into that place and time of that picture and remember how you felt, that’s why I love it. The ability to capture it, no matter how fleeting the moment or time may be, is a reward in itself. I’m sure there are many pictures people have of past relationships, old friends that moved out of their lives, or people that have passed that show many different emotions in them. Regardless of what feelings may be carried by those memories now, a photo of that time is something that you can look at and remember back when you enjoyed that time in your life. When you were in a different place, and different circumstances, with no idea on how the rest of your life was going to turn out. I find that amazing.

I was literally lying down on the ground in order to take this shot. I told them just to talk to each other and not to mind me for the time being, however hard that might have been. What ended happening when they started talking? They started smiling and laughing. Who knows if they thought it was funny that I was on the ground but either way it was great for photos and nice to see that they were enjoying their time together. This is a single RAW image taken with my Nikon D7000.


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