Grays Beach

This is a shot of Grays Beach in Yarmouth, Massachusetts; also known as Bass Hole Beach. Though its technically a beach, the beach area is pretty small and unflattering. Really, the boardwalk is the sight worth the visit. There is a really nice boardwalk the stretches a couple hundred feet over a marsh and has a lookout area at the end. Along the path, the planks have names of people and couples etched into the wood. Grays Beach is also a great place to take Milky Way photos during the prime times of year, though catching the galactic center may be tough.

The only drawback of this spot is that it is often crowded during sunset. The past two time I visited there were pretty substantial groups of people. Not to say that this is a deal breaker, it just meant I had to do some photoshop magic to get rid of them here. This essentially involved taking a bunch of photos and stacking them on top of each other, then cutting everyone out. Granted, there were some tough ones at the end of the boardwalk that required the clone stamp and healing brush though.

If you like this picture, you can see some of my other Massachusetts posts here. Anyway, hope you like the results!

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