Grand Teton

I was traveling on my motorcycle to a campground that was located right off Jenny lake near the Grand Teton mountains when these clouds started appearing. I didn’t want to stop since I was so close to the campground and I knew that I needed to set up my tent once I got there. But I just couldn’t pass up this shot though, so I ended up pulling off to the side of the road to snap this one off.

This route through Wyoming is hands down, one of the most beautiful drives that I have done. I went through the middle of Yellowstone to get here and this was my next stop. These mountains are one of those places is hard to believe how amazing it is until you actually see it. The clouds just added to the drama of the scene.

I took this with my Nikon D810 mounted on a tripod. There are 5 bracketed photos for this shot and used luminosity masks in Photoshop CS6 in order to get the lighting I was looking for.

Grand Teton

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