Grand Canyon

I took this shot at the Grand Canyon during my cross-country trip. The Grand Canyon always seems pretty massive in photos but until visiting, I was never able to fully appreciate it. This was my first time visiting the Grand Canyon. I didn’t know when I would be back so I took as many pictures as possible and stayed until sunset. I took this shot as the sun was setting. Usually I will look towards the sun to get the colors of the clouds near it, but the colors here were better on the canyon walls. Most of the gated tourist spots didn’t have the views I liked, but this spot wasn’t too far off the walking path.

I took this shot with my Nikon D810, and I had it mounted on my manfrotto befree tripod. I got this tripod specifically for this trip and it worked great. It barely took up any space and it was sturdy enough to hold up my D810 with a battery grip and a wide angle lens. I processed one image for this photo. Hope you like the results.

Grand Canyon

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