Golden Gate Park

I took this shot while strolling through Golden Gate Park one morning during my visit in San Francisco. I had come up to visit during a 4 day weekend that I had. This was my first time up here and there was so much to see. I hit all the usual spots and decided to hit some spots that weren’t as well known such as this one. This was taken during early morning as the fog was rolling out. This is a 3 exposure shot made from -2, 0, +2. These three exposure were combined into an HDR in Photomatix. Once combined I brought the single photo into Photoshop CS6 and masked through the other layers in order to bring out the better parts of the image. Some of the problem areas were the reflection in the water and the movement of the leaves in the trees. I used Nik Color Efex Pro for a few more advanced filters and that did it. Hope you like the results.

Golden Gate Park

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