This house, aptly named Fallingwater, is probably the most famous building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. He created this building in 1935 in the Laurel Highlands of southwest Pennsylvania. If you hadn’t notice, the structure is built directly over the Bear Run stream. Surprisingly, it only cost a total of $155,000 at the time. However, this equates to approximately $3 million dollars today with the adjustment for inflation.

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to visit this Fallingwater, but I was never in the area. Fortunately, my best friend was living in Virginia for a couple years. So, I planned to visit him for a week and took off on a miniature road trip. Pennsylvania was definitely my favorite state to stop at along the way because there was so much to see. You can see a shot I took during the same trip of the Eastern State Penitentiary here.

The only downside of visiting Fallingwater is that you need to purchase a ticket to visit. Regardless, it is still definitely worth visiting, even if you just get a ground ticket for the exterior. However, the interior is also interesting to check out just because of the unique architecture. Hope you like the results.

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