My best friend came out to visit me in California and asked if I would take her engagement photos so of course I agreed. I love taking photos of people considering it is the area where I have the most room to grow and this was one of those opportunities. We chose to do the shoot at several location since it was spanned over two days. We started at the Huntington Library, from there we went to Huntington Beach, and the final day we ended at Corona Del Mar. I have hundreds of photos to go through still so expect to see many more to come. But this was my favorite of the bunch so I decided that I would post this one. I always love when it works out that both the people that I am shooting are attractive because it makes getting great shots easy. And these photo shoots were no exception. The best part about this day was that it was overcast and made great filtered light. I don’t have too much equipment in California anymore since I brought a lot of my stuff home, so all of my shots are done with natural light and that;s why I felt so fortunate for a nice, filtered, overcast sky. I tried to get a bit of the vines in the foreground to add to framing and keep things interesting. Hope you like the results.

engagement photos

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