dual tone

I saw several photos in the past that use this dual tone lighting technique that I always wanted to try. Unfortunately, I don’t own any fancy lighting because I don’t do portraits often enough. Instead, I decided to make due with what I had and improvise. I used a black drop cloth and three lighting sources. The first two lighting sources are located on the left and right behind my model. These were two plug in LED lights that I attached to a stand. To get the red color, I attached red tissue paper on the front of the lights with a rubber band. The third light is located 45 degrees in front of my model and slightly overhead. Essentially, this light is a flash on a stand. I covered the light with my circle reflector and taped blue tissue paper to the front for the blue hue. Overall, that is all I did for the dual tone affect.

I did all the fine tuning in Lightroom and Photoshop. Generally, a lot of the post-processing techniques I use I either learned through messing with Photoshop or online videos. However, one website that I consistently visit for learning new techniques is Phlearn. If you are into photography and serious about editing I highly suggest that website. Anyhow, hope you like how it turned out.

dual tone

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