Calgary Central Library

I figured I would change it up from the usual landscape pictures of Alberta, Canada with this shot. This is the Calgary Central Library located in downtown Calgary in Alberta. My wife and I stumbled upon this place when we realized our flight to Canada would be landing in Calgary. We decided to look for cool places to check out while visiting the city. This is one of our favorite places we found.

I originally started photography with taking a lot more architectural photos. I have since focused more on landscape photography but I still love unique spots. This library is one such place because it was probably the nicest library I have visited. Not only was the architecture a modern marvel of engineering, but the library also had so much to offer for the community. There were numerous events posted hosted here, playing areas for children, various rooms for reading, and a large amount of computers.

During our visit, I took various shots from different angles but this is the one my wife thought really showcased the architecture the best. She liked it because you can see the sweeping third and fourth floor stairwell lines. This is actually fourteen different shots stitched and merged together. The library did not allow tripods so I had to do all the shots handheld. Hope you like the results!

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