boulder beach

Boulder beach is on the eastern coast of Acadia National Park along Park Loop Road. You can see my other post of Monument Cove located North of this spot here.

I took this shot at sunset hoping to get some colors initially. However, the weather had other plans and the colors weren’t what I expected. Fortunately, the moody clouds still turned out to have their own charm. Also, boulder beach is just generally a nice spot regardless of the weather. The tide was moving so fast on this day that I had to keep changing position every few minutes to avoid getting soaked. This made for quite the challenge in finding a good spot to get what I was looking for. Basically, I had to keep picking up my tripod and moving inland, recompose the shot, and fire away. Eventually, after about an hour of meandering around, I felt that I had at least one usable photograph and called it quits. This is the general theme on my excursions; I will shoot a couple of hundred shots and only use one. If I get two photos out of a location, I consider myself fortunate.

Anyway, hope you like the result!

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