Boston Library

Recently, I took a trip up to Boston, Massachusetts and decided to bring my camera gear with me for some photos. One of my all time favorite spots for photographs is the Boston Library, which I posted below. I took this shot inside the reading room which is located on the second floor of the McKim building. Additionally, my other favorite photo spot is at Fan Pier Park which is where I took this photo. Overall, Boston is a beautiful city with lots to see and photograph. Unfortunately, I also wanted to photograph the Christian Science Center but it is currently under construction.

Anyway, below I posted the before and after shot of the Boston Library. In truth, I combined several shots into a vertorama/panorama type photo to make the finished product but I did not want to post all the photos. Again, similar to my last shot, I primarily focused on color correcting my image and using various color coordinating techniques. For example, I have really enjoyed implementing Lightroom’s color profile setting and messing with the hues of all the colors in an image. You can see from the picture below that I made all of the yellows a bit more orange and matched the colors together. Matching the colors is where I find gradient maps the most useful. Overall, I like how it turned out. Let me know what you think.

Boston Library

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