Boston Harbor

If you ever decide to visit Boston then Fan Pier is by far the nicest view of the city at night. There is a nice walk you can take right along the edge of the water that goes around the Southeast area of Boston. I visited this spot with my two sisters while I was home on leave. The only drawback of going was that we had to pay about $16 for parking since we drove up here. I would suggest taking the “T” which is the Boston Metro System. Quincy has free parking and the “T” picks you up from there and goes directly into the middle of the city. Right near this spot is also the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art). This is an awesome gallery to visit that is located in a really cool, modern building. I had to wait a while for this shot because it didn’t get very dark until almost an hour and a half after sunset. I took some early shots during sunset because there were some really cool looking clouds too. This is a collection of 3 exposure bracketed shots that were taken on a tripod. I processed the whole image in Photoshop CS6 but most of the adjustments were done through Camera Raw. Surprisingly this is made up of a lot of pictures. Because I still don’t have a wide angle lens yet, I had to take 8 shots total (three for each since they were bracketed) and put them all together. Hope you like the results!

Boston Harbor

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