Pictured here is the book staircase in Venice, Italy. This symbol means amazing in Japanese according to a rabbit hole my wife and I went down. This staircase is located in the back of the Liberia Acqua Alta. Initially, I had trouble finding this library because Venice seemed like a maze to me. However, when I finally found it I realized why it was such a suggested spot to visit. This library had piles on piles of books scattered throughout its tight spaces. Additionally, most of the books were either in bath tubs or gondolas to protect them from the rising tides of Venice. This particular book staircase is located in the back of the shop which connected to the waterways. If you climb to the top of the stairs you can see the canal right below.

Despite these books’ apparent water damage, they are fortunately still sturdy enough to climb. Moreover, although tourists littered this spot, there were several lulls in the crowd. During one of the lulls, I snagged the shot pictured below. I did fairly light editing for this picture because I liked how the original looked. Essentially, I adjusted the colors a bit and emphasized the natural lighting. You can see another image I took in a different location at the end of the same day here.

Overall, Venice was a beautiful place and I would love to go back. Venice is also an easy spot to visit because it is all on an island essentially. Anyway, I posted the before and after below. Hope you like the results.

Book Staircase
Book Staircase

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