autumn road

This is one of several photos that I took on the way up to Mount Greylock this past autumn. Mount Greylock is in the western region of Massachusetts known as the Berkshires. You can see another photo I took from the same region during a different time of year here. The Berkshires is a beautiful rural area with outdoor activities galore. One such activity is traveling to the peak Mount Greylock. You can either hike it or take a convenient roadway, depending on your interests. During this past autumn, my wife and I drove up to the Berkshires for the weekend to see peak fall colors. Initially, we wanted to visit New Hampshire to take the Mountaineer train ride around the White Mountains. However, no tickets were available when we checked. Fortunately, the Berkshires is about equal distance from us.

Despite trying to nail peak colors, there were some areas that were just a bit late. This road, however, seemed to be right in the middle. I had to jump in and out of the road to avoid any incoming cars; though there weren’t all that many in such a rural area. Out of the hundreds of photos I took on this trip, this was one of my favorites because of the curve in the road. I tried to compose the shot to provide leading lines when viewed. Hope you like the results!

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