This shot is from my trip last year to Amalfi, Italy. I decided that I want to be a little more upfront with how much work I do to pictures to create the final photo. So, here is a before and after of a shot I just edited of the Amalfi coastline. Lately, the biggest part of photos that I have been editing is the coloring. I recently learned about great ways to use gradient maps to color match an image so all the colors look in sync. This technique has been super helpful because it really makes the whole image feel more cohesive. If you are interested, I learned this technique from Phlearn, which is an awesome site if you have never visited. Additionally, I always shoot in the RAW format which really lets me pull from a larger spectrum of light in the photos when I edit them. Lastly, as you can tell, I added a new sky and enhanced the sun glare a bit. Hope you like the results.


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