I had the opportunity to visit a friend in Germany over winter break this past Christmas. Having never been, I jumped on the opportunity. Turned out Germany is a great country to be in during Christmas because it is a pretty big celebration out there. Cities were packed with Christmas markets. While there, we decided to take a trip over to Austria to go skiing in the Alps. We found a cheap place to stay right at the base of the mountain with this nice older lady that immediately made us take two shots of vodka before she let us unpack. It was definitely a great time.

This trip was mainly for snowboarding but of course I brought my camera. The Alps were definitely one of the most beautiful mountains I had ever been to and the snowboarding was awesome. I took this shot at the top of Hintertux Glacier. This is a bracketed shot that I used luminosity masks on to get the best lighting. Hope you like the results!


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